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Privacy policy defines the process of data collection while using the service.

§ 1. Personal data controller

  1. Credit10-site is a personal data controller. Personal data will be handled in accordance with 29.8.1997 Data Protection Act. (text: Dz. U. 2002, Nro 101, k. 926, with changes).
  2. Personal information is provided on a voluntary basis.

§ 2. Data collected

  1. Automatically collected data: IP-address, domain, browser identification, system type, and other browser data.
  2. Data collected via our contact form: e-mail, first- and last name, phone number.

§ 3. Purpose of data collection

  1. Data is collected for the purpose of providing and marketing the service.
  2. The data collected during the connection will be only used to answer the customer's questions.

§ 4. Privacy protection

  1. Credit10 is commited to protect the stored data on its servers in accordance with the valid laws and privacy protection standards.
  2. Your data will not be given or sold to the third parties.
  3. Your data may only be given to the authorities designated by law.
  4. The connection between your browser and our server is secured by the SSL/TLS-protocol as well as other necessary valid certificates from the certification authorities.
  5. Our database is protected from the third parties’ use.

§ 5. Data changes

  1. In accordance with the Privacy Act, you have the right to have your information rectified, deleted, and objected according to the information given above.
  2. If your personal information changes, you have to update it by sending an email to

§ 6. Technical information and http-cookie (cookies)

  1. Service uses http-cookies
  2. HTTP-Cookie is used for statistical and service purposes as well as for maintaining the session.
  3. HTTP-Cookie includes user identification information.
  4. HTTP-Cookie does not include any personal information.

§ 7. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

  1. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy.
  2. Changes are to be published on this page.

§ 8. Additional act

The content of article comments does not always reflect our views. Each author has the right to publish their own opinion in their publications. The author is solely responsible for them.

§ 9. Contact

If you have questions about this privacy policy or protecting your data, contact us: