Loan terms in MPOWA
Amount 100...5000 R
Term 1...30 days
Rate 0,10 ...2,00 %
Ways to obtain Bank card, Cash account
Repayment options Personal account, Bank card, Cash account
Documents Pass
Work schedule Around the clock
Age, years 18

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Good day! I want to share my positive experience in dealing with the company MPOWA. I will not run into details, but one day I urgently needed money and friends recommended this service to me. I received money on my bank card quite quickly and without any problems.
The entire MPOWA Finance loan process from start to finish took less than three hours. I submitted and completed my application by 3pm and received the money by 5pm. It was incredibly simple and painless. Customer service was also very polite and professional when I called with some questions. Highly recommended!
The MPOWA website is user-friendly and contains all the information you need in one place. The application process was simple, the required documents were easy to upload and the approval process was done in less than 5 minutes. Very happy with the whole process and I would absolutely come back again!

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MPOWA – Your Ultimate Short-Term Cash Loan Provider


Are you looking for a convenient platform to get a short-term cash loan to finance your financial emergency? If yes, you have come to the right place. MPOWA Finance is the leading short-term loan provider in South Africa, well-known for its fast and convenient cash loan services. For so many years, MPOWA has helped several citizens meet their financial needs conveniently within the shortest time possible. Please read on to learn more about their top-notch services.

Competitive Advantage

You can complete your MPOWA cash loans application process online at your own convenience to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming queues. Your second application will be even much easier.

A dedicated team will process your loan perhaps within a few hours upon approval, depending on your bank.

They also offer very considerate interest rates and service fees as per the National Credit Act (NCA) requirement.

Loan Terms

You can request for MPOWA finance loan of any amount as from R500 up to R2500. As you become a regular customer, your limit will be raised, usually after 3 successful repayments constantly up to R5000 depending on your credit rating, affordability, and current employment. Most of their loans are payday loans, which means you have until the next payday to pay back the loan.

If you’re taking your first loan with us in a calendar year, your interest rate will stand at 5% per month and for subsequent loans in the same calendar year will attract an interest rate of 3% per month.

It is absolutely possible to get fast cash using the simplified procedure. Your request can be approved and processed within 2 hours when you submit your application by 3 pm on a business day. You’ll then receive the money by 5 pm.

MPOWA Finance fully adheres to chapter 5 of Credit Act set rules for responsible lending. If you take a loan of R1000 and below, you’ll incur an initiation fee of R165 including VAT and a fee of 10% for any amount exceeding R1000. You’ll also incur a monthly service fee of R60.

How is confidentiality and protection of personal data implemented?

The security of your personal data is a very sensitive matter, and MPOWA’s qualified and experienced team is determined to ensure your data remains confidential by use of signing and voice recording to protect your data.

Minimum requirements for the borrower

To qualify for MPOWA loans, you need to provide us with proof of income (recent payslip or bank statement), proof or residence (ID/passport), above 18 years, active South African account, active cellphone number, ability to take loan to open delinquency, and availability of a credit history.

Personal account functionality

It’s essential to have a functional personal account for identity purposes and ease of operation. You can track your progress and manage your proceedings via MPOWA My Account at any given time. You can register through MPOWA Finance login and fill in your details which will help in processing your loans now and in the future. The access to your personal account will be always available to you: all you need to do is use your MPOWA login to enter your personal account. Once you fill in the loans form, you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.

How to apply for a loan

With all the necessary documents, you’re just a step closer to having cash in your account, which you can fulfill using the following steps:

  1. Apply and register: complete the application form online to create your account. A fund contract document will then be sent to you via your active email.
  2. Uploading your documents: you’ll be required to sign the contract document and upload the necessary documents such as bank statements and payslips. This process takes just a few minutes of your time.
  3. Call expectation: once you have signed and uploaded the documents, a representative will call you instantly for purposes of voice recording before sealing the contract.

However, they only offer instant loan processing services during the office working hours (more details at the end of the text). Consultation services are run 24 hours a day. Your MPOWA Finance complaints can be submitted at any time, and you’ll receive instant feedback.

How to repay the loan

The repayment is an easy process; all you have to do is to sign the debit order that will be placed on your account. Should you fail to repay on time, a 3% interest will be imposed on your outstanding balances. They will then contact you concerning the repayment terms where, if you fail again, they’ll hand you over to an external debt collector. Further non-payment may negatively impact your credit rating, hence your future credit applications.


MPOWA has received positive reviews from a vast majority of customers. The customers especially like the speed of approval, completely online application, guaranteed confidentiality, convenient rates and the work of the customer service.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • No need to leave home or workplace to submit your application.
  • Your confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Easy and relatively faster reapplication.
  • We provide services all over the nation.
  • Lower rates and fees, NCA compliant.


  • You have to be in your current job for a minimum of 3 months to qualify.

Certificates, awards

MPOWA has a number of high-quality Symantec SSL certificates that have brought us massive benefits. Some of these include Transactional, Public website, and Internal network that aid in 24/7 customer support, daily malware scanning, and seal-in-search operations.


You can reach us via the MPOWA Finance contact details below:

  • Physical address: MPOWA Finance (Pty) Ltd. Postnet Suite 462, Private Bag X9, Benmore 2010.

  • MPOWA Finance contact number: 0861 228228.

  • Website:

The company is open every day from Monday through Friday as from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs, and every last Saturday of each month as from 0830 hrs to 1130 hrs.