Loan terms in Wonga
Amount 500...4000 R
Term 4...182 days
Rate 3,50 ...4,80 %
Ways to obtain Bank card, Cash account
Repayment options Personal account, Bank card, Cash account
Documents Pass
Work schedule Around the clock
Age, years 18

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4 reviews
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Hey. My name is Alex Goodman. 6 months ago I found myself in a very difficult situation - my car broke down, and it is the only income in my family, since I work as a taxi driver. At first I asked friends to lend me money for repairs, but no one could help me. Then I began to look for other options and found Wonga. Thanks to it, I was able to fix the car and didn’t lose my job.
This is the best personal loans platform ever! All I had to do was to register via the Wonga login and choose how much I want to borrow. The interests are transparent and depended entirely on the loan amount and term. My fears were not apparent because there are no hidden fees or catches even when I paid in advance.
Great quality service! The initial loan approval process took me a few minutes to complete. I feel that if you're working and maintaining an income, Wonga loans is right for a sense of relief. I had up to six months to repay the loan, and I was able to budget for this without compromising on other necessities.
It feels good to do business with Wonga! They have an excellent company culture that’s more devoted to helping people than simply trying to make money. They were able to help my family and me when it seemed like we didn't have many options. The whole process was much easier than expected, and the interest rates were very affordable.

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About Wonga

Wonga is a global online lending platform with operations in South Africa. The whole lending process is automated and decision are given almost instantly. No paperwork is needed and the amount to be borrowed and the repayment period is flexible.

Competitive advantage

Wonga loans online uses sophisticated risk and decision technology, making it fast and secure. They are very flexible about the loan amount and repayment period within limits.

Loan terms

Wonga is a short-term loan service provider and offers loans for up to 6 months.

What is the loan limit?

First time borrowers can apply for any amount up to R4000. They can choose their repayment period between 4 days and 6 months. This can be paid back earlier with no hidden costs or hurdles.

The maximum loan amount is R8000 and this is only made available to borrowers who over some time have shown that they have responsible repayment patterns. This is in line with Wonga’s commitment to responsible lending.

What is the loan period?

The loan period is the number of days between the advance being made to a customer and the repayment date. Wonga loans are advanced for periods of between 4 days and 6 months. There are no Wonga long term loans applications in Wonga South Africa. This means there are no Wonga long term loans in South Africa.

Loan interest rate?

Wonga South Africa’s maximum monthly interest rate is 3%. Depending on your risk profile, your interest rate will not exceed 3%. First time borrowers will get a higher interest rate as per the risk profile allocated to the borrower. As you build a reputation with Wonga, you will begin to get discounts on the interest rate that you are charged.

Is it possible to get fast money using the simplified procedure?

The Wonga personal loan application and approval system is already fast. There is no paperwork that is needed. It will take you less than 5 minutes to enter your information on the site and the same amount of time to get a response to your loan application.

Taxes, processing fees and other additional fees

All Wonga loans have a R 69 admin fee that is levied on them on a monthly basis. This charge includes 15% VAT. There are no additional charges unless you default on your loan repayments.

How is confidentiality and protection of personal data implemented?

Wonga Finance uses state of the art technology to make sure your data is kept secure. Wonga complies to all laws in South Africa that protect the integrity of customer’s personal information.

Minimum Wonga loan requirements for the borrower

All borrowers must be:

  • over 18 year of age;
  • employed;
  • operate a South African bank account;
  • have a South African ID number.

Personal account functionality

When you apply for a Wonga loan, you create a personal account. You will get a Wonga login for this account once registered.

The personal Wonga account is what you will use to apply for loans, check you loan balance and conduct any other transactions you may want to carry out with Wonga loans. You have to create this personal account as all applications for Wonga loans are done online on this platform.

On order to create a personal account just adjust the sliders on the homepage to the amounts you require to borrow and the repayment period you would want. You will be lead to a screen where you can log in if you are already registered or register for a Wonga personal account if you are a new borrower.

How to apply for a loan

Move the repayment period and amount sliders on the Wonga homepage to your required positions, press the apply button and you will be asked to log in or register for a personal loan account. Once logged in, you can enter all the information that is required and submit your Wonga loan application form. You will get a response on your loan application within 5 minutes. And as soon as you have accepted the approved amount and conditions, your loan will be transferred to your bank account in a matter of a couple of hours.

It takes less than 5 minutes to make a loan application, and you will get your response within 5 minutes.

Wonga loans are processed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system is driven by artificial intelligence which assesses and makes a decision on your loan based on information you would have supplied.

For any queries on loans, you can email Wonga loans on Alternatively you can call them on 0861966421 between 7AM and 7PM on week days and 8AM and 1PM on Saturday. Emails are replied within the same day and telephone calls are answered instantly at Wonga loans.

How to repay the loan

Always make sure your loan is repaid on time and as agreed. Wonga collects their loan repayments by the use of debit orders so make sure there are funds in you bank account when your Wonga loan repayments are due. Wonga will levy penalty charges for late payment and interest will continue to accrue as long as your loan has not been repaid in full.

If your financial situation changes, contact Wonga loans immediately to see if they can give you an extension on your repayments.

Restructuring the loan is possible only if a company sees that it will help you make repayment will they restructure your loan. Wonga does not ordinarily roll over loan amounts outstanding when payments cannot be made.

Wonga Loans Reviews

Wonga customers are the happiest in the South Africa short-term loans market. From the reviews on the internet you will see that they are happy with the lower interest rates, the quick turnaround time on loan applications and the great customer service from Wonga loans staff.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Wonga loans is fast efficient and has the lowest payday loan interest rates in South Africa.

Wonga Contacts

To contact Wonga personal loans call the Wonga loans contact number, 0861966421 between 7AM and 7PM during the week and between 8AM and 1PM on Saturday or simply email them on